Save 200 acres of Oregon Coast forest before Boy Scout officials make it a golf course!

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Save 200 acres of Oregon Coast forest before Boy Scout officials make it a golf course!

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Jonathan Linch started this petition to Boy Scouts of America, Cascade Pacific Council (NW Oregon)

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Add your name to this petition to tell the Boy Scout officials that you do not support the plan to destroy 200 acres of coastal forest on the Oregon Coast in order to build a golf course.

Formal negotiations may begin in the next few weeks (Dec. 2015 to Jan. 2016). It is urgent to stop this plan before a 50-year lease agreement is made. When 10,000 signatures have been gathered this petition will be delivered to BSA officials. Help us reach this goal and send a strong message to BSA officials.

The Boy Scouts of America's Cascade Pacific Council (based in Portland, OR) is considering a plan to lease 200 acres of forest-land on the Oregon Coast to a private developer for 50 years in order to build a golf course.(1) The proposed oceanfront site for the golf course would be located just south of Cape Lookout State Park near Tillamook, Oregon, between the scouts' Camp Meriwether and Camp Clark. This land is currently home to diverse forest and native wildlife, including deer, black bear, owls, tree frogs, and many other species. This site is also adjacent to a large area of pristine tide-pools at the base of Cape Lookout.

There are many reasons this is a bad idea, here are a few:

  • Environment. 
    This coastal forest provides critical habitat to native plants and animals. Building a golf course here would be detrimental to the local environment and ecology as it would destroy habitat with clear-cut logging. The golf course would require extensive water use, and chemical treatment with fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides.

  • Natural Beauty. 
    This stretch of land from Cape Lookout to Sand Lake is some of the most pristine and undisturbed land along the Oregon Coast because it is one continuous strip of State/Federal Parks and BSA Scout Reservation. Let's not disrupt this area by building a golf course!

  • Scouting & Camping.
    Over the past 90 years Camp Meriwether and Camp Clark have been a favorite camping destination for generations of Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and other youth organizations. Part of what makes these camps special is the remote wilderness--a golf course would change the feel of this land permanently.

  • This goes against Boy Scout ideals.
    The scouting program teaches environmental stewardship. Even the Cascade Pacific Council's own Property Plan document states that "development should include...minimal ecological impact...and strive to find ways to be even more environmentally-friendly."(2) A golf course on coastal forest land is the opposite of these ideals.

The Council is exploring this option in order to generate revenue to address a large backlog of maintenance concerns at existing facilities/properties, and for scout program enhancements. Charitable giving and direct revenue have been reduced, so the Council is looking for new sources of revenue.(2) While the Scout Council must work to maintain their facilities and remain financially sustainable, this golf course is not the answer. 

The BSA Cascade Pacific Council has owned 800 acres of oceanfront property near Tillamook, Oregon, since 1925. This land is located between Cape Lookout State Park (to the north), and the Suislaw National Forest Sand Lake Recreation Area (to the south). The proposed site for the golf course would be located between Camp Meriwether and Camp Clark, two of the oldest and most popular scout camps in the region.

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Edit: There has been contention regarding the term 'old-growth.' Scout Council officials have stated that this forest land has been logged in the past, and 30 of the 200 acres were clear-cut 5 years ago. A forestry assessment would be needed to determine if this area is technically 'old-growth' --  For this reason, the term 'old-growth' has been removed.

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This petition had 4,374 supporters