Boy Scouts of America Denying Rights of Deceased Scout for Final Honor

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Zachary Brewer had been a Dedicated Scout since joining at the tender age of six (6) years old. He had all 21 pins as a Webelos and achieved all that was available to him except for completing his Eagle Award.

(pictured above: Zachary Brewer in his Regalia)

He always had a helping hand for anyone that needed it and assisted all his fellow scouts with their Eagle Projects.

Zachary planned his Eagle Project to build Bat boxes for the Turkey Creek Nature Preserve and presented the details with the representative for the preserve and it was approved. He designed the boxes and made the first one as the model for the rest.

Unfortunately, Zachary passed away at the age of 16 before he could complete his dream of total completion and now there is opposition not allowing him to receive his well deserved Eagle Award posthumously.

Attached is my Facebook post and as you can read the replies are in favor of his receiving by fellow scouts, scout leaders, scout representatives and families.



‎Teresa Lucas Doherty‎ 
Tamara Lucas-brewer
May 8 at 8:39pm ·

Zac's Eagle Project is Finished and I do not know if a Scout more deserving of this Honor living or deceased. He did more than ever expected and always had a helping hand for anyone who needed it. It was not his choice to reside with the Lord before he was able to complete it here on earth and anyone who states he should not get it is NOT following nor practicing Scouting rules, laws, regulations nor good behavior and/or God"s good will to all.

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Kim Parrish, Betty Wisener and 40 others

Melonie Graham · 2 mutual friends
A great honor.
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Cynthia Vatz Purinton · Friends with Tamara Lucas-brewer
Surely there isn't anyone contesting this!?
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Tamara Lucas-brewer Oh, you would not believe.
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Karen Nail Williams · 8 mutual friends
For real Tamara? Let me know if I can do anything to help.
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1 · May 10 at 4:11pm

Cynthia Vatz Purinton · Friends with Tamara Lucas-brewer
I am so sorry someone with no class would even think to contest this.
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1 · May 10 at 5:15pm 

Tracy Phillips · Friends with Tamara Lucas-brewer
The one time I met Zach he was giving his time to others. I'm sure he is more than deserving of this award! I can't wait to hear all about his project.
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1 · May 10 at 6:46pm

Beth Clark · 2 mutual friends
Shame on anyone who says a word about it
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Mari Ann Spradling Unbelievable!
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Charles Mcbrayer · 7 mutual friends
Great news
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Tracy Travis Schencker · 2 mutual friends
This is awesome news!!
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Tamara Lucas-brewer Thanks.
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Robert Hoffman Thats absolutley great news
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Donna Creel Bennefield · 2 mutual friends
Congrats sweet Zac and Tamara and Bob!! He definitely deserves


You can see what an impact he has left since his passing.

His parents have always been actively involved since Zachary journey began and have their own Troop and Pack and continue in honor of their departed Scout Son.

His mother is a Registered Nurse and uses her profession to aid the BSA.

They both hold many awards and recognitions and it all started because of a young preschool child with the dreams of becoming an Eagle Scout.


Please join me in ensuring this young departed soul finally gets what he has earned and well deserves by signing this petition.

Thank All of You and God Bless,

Teresa Lucas Doherty (Zachary Brewer's always Proud Aunt)

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