Bowker Creek needs our help . . .

Bowker Creek needs our help . . .

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Ryan Painter (Chair, SD61 Board of Trustees) and

Why this petition matters

I am a resident of Greater Victoria and call upon the Trustees of School District 61 to halt efforts for land disposal at the South campus of Lansdowne Middle School (formerly Richmond School).
Observing that:
·  The Bowker Creek Master Drainage Plan (CRD, 2007) predicts flooding in this century, based on climate science, urban growth projections and engineering analysis, inundating the 1.9-acre site at the 25-year flood level, and flooding the neighbourhood at the 100-year flood level, in addition to frequent flooding in neighbourhoods downstream, unless flood prevention actions are taken.
·  The Bowker Creek Blueprint (CRD, 2012) outlines the action plan, sponsored and endorsed by Saanich, Victoria and Oak Bay and co-ordinated by the CRD’s Bowker Creek Initiative, also endorsed by UVic and SD61, to prevent flooding and manage stormwater in Bowker Creek’s valley by an Integrated Stormwater Management approach that respects rainwater as a vital sustainable resource for the community.
·  The Daylighting Feasibility Study (CRD, 2020) focuses flood prevention action on specific sites that combine greatest benefit with least cost and disruption. The 1.9-acres at Lansdowne South figure prominently among favoured sites for wide floodplain to briefly detain stormwater during intense rains and creek restoration to further moderate flow.

I assert that the Lansdowne South site is unsuited for building, but valuable for flood prevention and creek restoration. To sell it for development would be a disservice to the community, students, creek and purchaser.  

I urge you to halt efforts for land disposal at this site.

846 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!