No-detriment policy for university students studying 2020/21

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Bournemouth University students studying 20/21 SHOULD receive a no-detriment policy. COVID is still predominant in our lives and worries and is impacting the education we receive and we have also been through another lockdown during our first semester.

Last year, students had this in place to “ensure you are not at a disadvantage in the situation caused by the pandemic”. They received:

  • Late submission penalties were removed, in recognition of technological challenges that may have been beyond your control during the lock-down period;
  • If you failed an assessment taken after 15 March, you will be able to re-submit/re-sit that assessment uncapped as your second attempt;
  • The 'no detriment' approach means that assessment attempted after 15 March 2020 will only contribute to the overall level mark where this is advantageous to you;
  • The Exceptional Circumstances procedure was adapted to allow submission without evidence for health-related claims, in recognition of high demand on health-care services.

Deadline extensions and wellbeing tips are NOT enough. Telling us to 'defer another year' halfway through IS NOT THE ANSWER (a response from the Education Service Manager).

The previous year's students only had to work in these conditions for less than a term. We will have had to throughout our year. The university is aware that online teaching, especially pre-recorded lectures are difficult for us to learn and engage. Members of teaching staff are also not fully trained in the use of Zoom and don’t always have adequate equipment to deliver pre-recorded lectures to a good standard of listening.

So much more CAN and SHOULD be done to help us, especially for our £9,500 contribution to our education.

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