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Transparency in Bountiful - It's time to live stream Bountiful's open meetings!

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It’s time to live stream open meetings in Bountiful City!

Residents of Bountiful are busy people, dedicating time to their employment(s), family, civic, and religious obligations.  Oft times these activities keep us from attending meetings at city hall - but this doesn’t change the fact that residents desire and need access to the important conversations and decisions being made by our elected officials.  Just because we are busy people doesn’t mean we merit less government transparency – especially in 2017.

Transparency is at the heart of every critical issue in Bountiful.  Whether the matter is relocating city hall, solar panel policy, or investing in critical infrastructure - it’s Bountiful City’s obligation to leverage technology to engage busy citizens.  Increased civic engagement benefits our city, and fosters a more inclusive and deliberative community. 

Local government is the government that touches our lives the most.  City government needs to get very good at communicating in a digital age – not just broadcasting out, but soliciting our advice and opinions.  Bountiful needs to get very good at letting you know what is happening, and then soliciting your feedback. 

Live streaming open meetings builds upon the high standard of integrity we have in Bountiful, and catalyzes open governance.  Residents want readily available information concerning how Bountiful conducts business and spends taxpayer dollars – video streaming our open meetings online is a strong first step.

It will engage citizens, catalyze open governance and accountability for elected officials, and provide near instant feedback for elected officials and administrators. The first step to live stream open meetings if for the Bountiful City Council to vote on making this happen - Transparency is great as a slogan, but it's better as policy! 

If you feel the same as I do, I’m asking for your signature on this petition to send a message to the Bountiful City Council and Mayor that we care deeply about government transparency and want the opportunity to increase our own civic engagement in a digital age - and that the time to act is now!

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