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Petitioning Chief Executive Officer, Boulder County Humane Society Lisa Pederson and 10 others

Boulder County Humane Society, I have PTSD, ADHD, Please return my service dog to me. Thank you.

 I was arrested and my friend was standing right there.  I asked him to go with him, but the Boulder Sherriff's office didn't hear me.  I was trying to tell them to let my friend watch him. Instead they took him to Humane Society.  I am thankful they didn't euthenize him, but I need him back, I have PTSD and ADHD.


303-440-4444 EXT 110


I extend apologies to people I may have insulted by being disabled, but we should not be about bully culture.  Take care.


Letter to
Chief Executive Officer, Boulder County Humane Society Lisa Pederson
President of the United States
Colorado State Senate
and 8 others
Colorado State House
U.S. Senate
U.S. House of Representatives
State Representative Mike Foote
State Representative Dickey Hullinghorst
Representative Jared Polis
State Representative Claire Levy
Colorado Governor
Please return Buddy to the owner he serves.

Ty Poulson is paralyzed and relies on a service dog, Buddy, for mobility and seizure alert. Mr Poulson was arrested in Colorado on December 9, 2012 for a Montana warrant stemming from charges for possession of marijuana, for which he has a prescription. Mr Poulson suffers from PTSD, and ADHD, and a t9-t12 disability. Mr Poulson instructed Boulder County Sheriff to let a friend look after Buddy, but they instead transferred Buddy to Boulder Humane Society where he was adopted. Keeping Buddy and Ty apart, beyond being harmful and patently immoral, deprives Mr Poulson of his rights to a service animal guaranteed by Colorado Statute §24-34-804. We therefore petition that Boulder Humane Society help reunite Mr Poulson and his dog without delay.

Also see 24-34-803