Stop Development on Celestial Seasonings Open Land and Habitat

Stop Development on Celestial Seasonings Open Land and Habitat

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Celestial Seasonings is planning to develop high-density apartments on their iconic prairie dog preserve in the front yard of their world headquarters in the Gunbarrel neighborhood of Boulder, Colorado. This would require relocating or possibly even killing the several hundred prairie dogs that live there. Prairie dogs are a keystone species that support more than 150 other species.  Only 1% of prairie dog habitat remains in the West. Help us preserve what is left! The city of Boulder has a reputation for conserving the environment, but now they appear to be an open door to developers.

You can help us save Boulder wildlife and keep our neighborhoods vibrant and healthy!

Boycott Hain/Celestial! 

Email them directly and voice your opposition on their social media pages!

Email the city of Boulder!

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The Issues:

Wildlife – In 1999 Celestial Seasonings got caught killing dozens of prairie dogs, and in a public relations move to stop a boycott, they set aside a prairie dog preserve in 1999. Now Celestial Seasonings is part of the Hain/Celestial Group, headquartered just outside of NYC, and they are ready to walk away from their promise. Prairie dogs are a keystone species supporting many other species. Foxes, ferrets, owls, hawks, bald eagles, coyotes are among the 150 species that depend on prairie dogs. 

Density – The proposed 12 buildings with 268 residential units on 9.8 acres will be about twice as dense as the densest subdivision in the area and 13 times more dense than the subdivision of single family homes immediately to the south.

Lack of Open Space & Parks – The proposal does not meet the 40% contiguous open space required of a multiunit residential development in Boulder. The nearby park is privately owned by five existing condo complexes and will be overrun.

Parking – The high density of the residential units does not leave enough space for parking. Overflow parking for more than 100 cars would dramatically impact the adjacent neighborhoods.

Alternative Transportation — The developer’s estimate of 20% of residents using alternative transportation is questionable. 7% is more typical for this kind of development. Bus transportation at the site is irregular and a ride to Boulder can take 40 minutes. Bike commuters will have to brave local streets, including Jay Road, where bicyclists have been killed by cars. The walkability score is about 20, so residents will need a car to go anywhere.

This is not the time — With Covid19 changing how people do business and how they live, this is not the time to break new ground for anything. Boulder has many vacant buildings and more than may become vacant; these could be repurposed for affordable housing. High-density residential is now recognized as less healthy living situation, and may be a thing of the past.

This is not the place — Boulder needs affordable housing closer to the center of Boulder, where people work and have alternative transportation and the full suite of city services and amenities. Gunbarrel is far out of town. Boulder needs to solve the housing problem in Boulder.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!