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Botany Town Centre have introduced limited parking spaces that the staff now have to pay to use. It is first in first served and if staff miss out they are forced to find parking off site. Customers do not have to pay, however they face a 4 hour limit. 

The closest parking that is free for staff are at least 1.2kms away in the suburban streets by your homes. 

While designated parking spaces for staff will free up extra slots for customers, without staff there would be no revenue for the mall that has just had $78 million worth of redevelopment. 

For the people who are working in restaurants and Hoyts where finish times come close to, if not past, 11PM; it is not safe to be walking down the road a few kilometres to their cars. 

While it is understood that parking restrictions and payments are part of Auckland life, paid parking is generally contained to the city centre and areas such as Newmarket and Ponsonby. Not the likes of humble Botany. 

There are plenty of reviews on Google that rave about how plentiful parking is. 

During busy periods such as Christmas and New Years, staff should be able to continue parking across at the Botany College as has been arranged for years to free up parking for the valued customers. 

The Botany Town Centre staff you see are from all walks of life: uni and high school students with part time jobs to serve you food or help you find a different size in that shirt you like. They’re the lovely travel agents that help you book your holidays or the hairdresser that you see every few months to get your hair done. They’re the obliging cleaners that point you in the direction of the shop you’ve been looking for while cleaning up around you. 

This change will impact our safety and security. 

So, please, help us bring attention to this issue by signing this petition to STOP PAID PARKING at Botany Town Centre.