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Drop charges against Carlos Miller for Witness Tampering & Taylor Hardy's case of Wiretapping.

Protecting the US Constitution and Keeping Law Enforcement from violating the rights of citizens.  

The Boston Police Department are preparing to charge Taylor Hardy, a member of the press, with Wiretapping, for recording a conversation with a Boston Police Department's Public Information Officer.  Carlos Miller, of Photography is Not a Crime, wrote on his blog how outrageous he thought these charges were.  Within his blog he noted the Public Information Officers name and their publically listed official Boston Police Department phone number.  He commented that citizens should tell the Police Department how they feel.  Please note that this is something protected in the US Constitution.  We have, in my humble opinion, a constitutional right to redress our government for grievances.  Please join me in telling the Boston Police Department that in this case they are acting poorly.  That this isn't covered in their oath to Protect and Serve.  They should drop these cases and retrain their officers.  

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