Arrest a young woman for animal cruelty.

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Arrest a young woman for animal cruelty.

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Earlier this week, around or on the day of May 17, 2017, a young woman (around 15 years old) put her family's pet turtle in their microwave, cruelly and inhumanely putting it to death for no reason other than that she was bored. Her mother, was made aware of the atrocious and horrendous act, and instant of taking action or disciplining her daughter, she laughed and supported her daughter's actions. 

Not only did the young woman kill her family pet, and not only did her mother support the actions, but they have shown together a complete disregard for the lives and welfare of all animals. Charges of animal cruelty must be brought against the two of them and they must be imprisoned or at the very least fined to the full extent of the law in the hopes that they never again get the opportunity to kill or harm another innocent, helpless animal.


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