Lower Boston College total cost of attendance for the 2020-2021 school year

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The students of Boston College are suffering the consequences of COVID-19. As it stands (July 6th), students are currently mandated to be back on campus (except international students and those w/ health conditions). Boston College is not allowing students the option to take all classes remotely. The students who are being mandated to be back on campus in Chestnut Hill may however be forced to take some of their classes remotely. The decision to mandate students on campus will only ensure greater limitations that will cause a lower standard of living and lower quality of education. The students of Boston College demand all student have an option for remote access and cost of attendance costs for all students

Boston College Administration must look at this issue from the perspective of its students and their families. This year has caused difficulties for everyone and some of those difficulties include financial conditions, economic conditions, and health conditions. These difficulties only begin to touch how this academic year both remotely and in-person will be different in many fundamental ways. Large pieces of the student way of life will be uprooted and the question that the administration is continuing to look at is how they can ensure a safe and smooth operation for its students and families and its own staff and faculty. 

Students this fall and possibly the spring will not be receiving the same experience as BC students were once offered before the global pandemic. Some of the in-person experiences that will be difficult or impossible to emulate even through a hybrid model include clinical practicums, fine arts studios, labs, research opportunities, and opportunities to meet new people. Students' access to tutoring,  athletic facilities, mental health counseling, advising, social opportunities, and networking will also be restricted. 

The total cost of attendance has not been adjusted to reflect these massive deficits rather the total cost of attendance has risen by about 7% equating to about $7,000. The rising of the total cost of attendance should reflect a greater access and support system for the Boston College community, but even at a best-case scenario, the services offered will be significantly limited. Universities such as Williams College in West Massachusetts, however, have lowered their total cost of attendance by 15%. Williams College's administration has realized that while the university may suffer a financial consequence, its students and their families deserve to be supported in these times of unprecedented hardship. The total cost of attendance needs to be adjusted to reflect the limitations. The students of Boston College demand that the administration step in the shoes of the Boston College students and fulfill the mission of men and women for others by first being for their students.