Keep the test

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We call on the Boston School Committee and the Boston City Council to support Superintendent Brenda Cassellius’s decision to use MAP testing for admission to Boston Latin School, Boston Latin Academy, and the John D. O’Bryant School of Mathematics and Science.  We applaud Dr. Cassellius’s decision to abandon the ISEE test that researchers have found to disadvantage students of color.  We are strongly in favor of the MAP test, which is aligned to state standards, is untimed and has been reviewed for bias.  The MAP test is about expanding access to Boston's exam schools.  We wholly support the Superintendent’s plan for MAP testing for 2021 admission to the exam schools and her continued focus on creating the most equitable admissions policy moving forward.  The Covid-19 pandemic has injected tremendous uncertainty into the educational system.  Abandoning a test for Boston’s exam schools, with no viable alternative admissions process, only causes more uncertainty and disruption, not less.  Boston's elected leaders should come out in favor of moving forward with MAP testing this fall and continue their efforts to provide quality preK-12 education for all students.