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Bossa Studios relase Decksplash

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Decksplash is a team-based skateboarding painting war video game in which a player controls a physical skateboard. Players score points by painting the field with their team's colour, with the amount of paint a player spreads being dependent on their combo.


  • January 2017, Bossa Studios announced Decksplash.
  • November 2017, Bossa Studios released a free build of the game on Steam. They challenged the community, stating that if 100,000 players downloaded the game during the free week, the game would be released into Steam's early access program, otherwise, the game would be discontinued.
  • A week later, the studio announced the game's cancellation after the player count failed to reach the stated goal

The request

Now the community ask to Bossa Studios to relase the game, because the community is never died, not even that November 10th 2017, and we will demonstrate it with this petition.