Keep Bosque County Beautiful. Stop the solar-generating power plants.

Keep Bosque County Beautiful. Stop the solar-generating power plants.

February 2, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Jill King

In 2021 we were successful in our fight to stop the wind turbines in Bosque County. What we didn't know is, while we were trying to get back to "normal", learning what it was like to live during an ongoing pandemic, the solar power generating companies were making their move into Bosque County. 

The county commissioners listened to you and took action, adopting a resolution to refuse tax abatements for wind turbines in Bosque County. We ask that they do the same concerning the many THOUSANDS of acres of Solar power generating plants that are in various stages of planning for our beautiful county. 

These vast projects will:

·         decrease property value while increasing our tax burden

·         create construction and traffic nightmares and extensive damage to our roads

·         create environmental hazards to our county’s aquifers and other water supply

·         have devastating consequences to the natural wildlife

·         create an eyesore for all those living in and visiting our beautiful county

Please sign this petition, share it with your friends and neighbors who also love Bosque County and do NOT want thousands of our beautiful acres destroyed, call your commissioners and State Representative and let your voice be heard. Ask them to refuse and/or rescind tax abatements for these projects.

Billy Hall, Precinct 1 (254) 435-2285

Terry Townley, Precinct 2 (254) 797-4242

Larry Phillip, Precinct 3 (254) 675-8410

Ronny Liardon, Precinct 4 (254) 675-8937

Cindy Vanlandingham, County Judge (254) 435-2382, Ext 6

DeWayne Burns, Texas State House Representative (512) 463-0358, or 817-645-3683




Support now
Signatures: 1,301Next Goal: 1,500
Support now