Stop the illegal purchase of Praca and buy a shelter in Sarajevo. Not with our money!

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We sent a letter to Prime minister and two ministers, Public attorney of Canton Sarajevo and to all members od Canton Sarajevo Parliament:

  1. Being that the Public Attorney office in Sarajevo stated that the contract of lease for the shelter Praca was never in forced, meaning that all the receivables from the company Murai Comerce are unsubstantial (mora than 400.000BAM) 
  2. Being that the Public Attorney Office despite this have a positive attitude when it comes to buying the shelter in an amount larger than 1.200.000BAM, and the Sarajevo Parliament confirmed it by accepting the amending budget for the year of 2017 
  3. Being that the COMPANY Murai Comerce in 2012 in a non transparent way (and illegal?) acquired a multi million job financed by public money. 
  4. Being that by the budget scheme of Sarajevo additional 400.000BAM is confirmed for "buying out the shelter" (for what) 5. Being that the BPK veterinary inspection has prohibited further bringing of new dogs to Praca due to poor conditions 
  5. Being that the shelter Praca does not satisfy any of the conditions of a shelter that were provided in the ordinance, by that of course not the adoption conditions either 
  6. Being that the dogs who are there depend solely on volunteers, for food, water, hygiene, vet care and also adoption. 8. Being that Murai Comerce is a debtor of public taxes and income 
  7. Being that the worthless land in Praca is under mortgage 
  8. Being that not a cent has been planned for the shelter or provided to make the shelter functional and to have. 
  9. Being that the shelter is outside the canton Sarajevo, which also costs more for everyone who goes there (including the inspection, veterinarians etc. Costs such as gas, compensation for a business trip,etc.)

Being that the goal of a shelter is to be a step towards adoption, we as citizens are requesting the following:

  • Immediate steps towards a legal and transparent procedure for purchasing a cantonal dog shelter in the Canton. 
  • Building a shelter that will comply by the ordinance and by doing so it will help the legal adoption process with the help of the volunteers.

We are offering you: Help and support in every action that requires any volunteer help and the NGO, including the help with the adoption, advertising of the dogs etc, of course strictly by following the letter of the law. In case you don't do as by the regulations, we will be forced to send reports to the Prosecutor office in Sarajevo, but also to the prosecution office of BiH cause of the breaking of the Public Procurement Law.

Start implementing the laws of the country that is paying you. Stop with the misuse of power, corruption, illegal spending of public money and illegal dog killings!