Fully Implement the Act on Protection and Welfare of Animals

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Act on Protection and Welfare of Animals of Bosnia and Herzegovina was enacted eight years ago. Since then authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina have granted to many political eligible persons and companies public shelters for stray animals that haven't been built, registered and established in accordance with Ordinance of establishing and conditions that shelters for stray animals must fulfill in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is a by Act of Act on Protection and Welfare of Animals.
Dogs in those illegal public shelters aren't identified, registered and they are killed illegally in most notorious ways. Also bodies of dead dogs are removed and destroyed in unknown ways in hidden locations.

The latest and the most notorious example is the shelter for stray dogs in Praca which was rented without tender and fulfilling of legal procedures from a private person and his building company by Government of Canton Sarajevo. 
There is no any system of control of caught dogs as well as transport of dogs to the shelter and their number in the shelter.
Dogs is Praca are placed in their own feaces dirty concrete kennels without food and water. 
1.000.000 KM (500.000 Euros) is transferred from the budget of Canton Sarajevo for this massacre annually.

We demand implementation of Act on Protection and Welfare of Animals by those who have enacted the law and who are obliged to implement the law.
Our demands are:
1. Urgent terminating of illegal killing of stray animals in public shelters in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which must be done by Veterinary Office, Veterinary inspections, Police forces and Prosecutor's offices
2. Urgent control and closing of all public shelters that don't fulfill conditions that are provided by the law and bylaws 
3. Urgent presence of veterinarians in all shelters which must be ordered and controlled by Veterinary Office and Veterinary inspections
4. Urgent suspension of procedure of buying Praca shelter from Murai commerce company by Government of Canton Sarajevo as well as termination of contract between authorities of Canton Sarajevo and Murai commerce due to failure of implemnation of the law and the contract.
5. Transparent and legal financing of solving of problem of overpopulation of stray dogs
6. Urgent and general termination of all illegal and inhuman actions of catching of stray dogs as well as their killing and placing on unknown locations which must be done urgently by Veterinary Office, Veterinary inspections
7. Implementation of legal provisions that allows all citizens and volunteers to visit and control all shelters for stray animals
8. Urgent action of veterinary inspections in order to control registration of pets as well as breeders of dogs
9. Urgent punishing of all people who abandon their pets

Dear members of legislative and executive authorities, these are your rules and you are obliged to start their immediate implementation!