No Verizon 5G Cell Tower in Our Neighborhood

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Please sign this petition to stop the building of a tower on the roof of Mamalukes in our residential neighborhood. Mamaluke’s was given permission to operate as a restaurant in a residential area and it appears now that the owner of the property will receive additional revenue for allowing Verizon to locate its cell towers there. The installation of the tower poses health risks and devaluation of real estate, and the residents already have adequate cell phone/wireless data coverage in the area. The plan to build the tower was put into motion without the input or knowledge of some nearby residents. 

We are strongly opposed to the installation of the tower for the following reasons:

1. Residential Zoning Converted to Permanent Commercial Zoning in Perpetuity-

The restaurant located at 1715 Ocean Avenue, Belmar known as Mamaluke’s is located on residential property where a variance has been granted for Mamaluke’s to operate as a pizza/ice cream parlor. Verizon is further asking Belmar’s Zoning Board of Adjustment to grant an additional variance to locate a cell phone antenna at Mamaluke’s. Because cell phone companies come under the jurisdiction of the FCC, not local government, this means that the site can, and most likely will become what is known as a colocation site as is The Mayfair Hotel now at 1000 Ocean Avenue. This means that other cell phone companies can come in to place their equipment and if this further variance is granted for Verizon, The Borough of Belmar will have no further day in what goes on at this property. In short, it will become permanently commercially zoned. The residents of Belmar will have no further local government protection.

2. The community of Belmar needs confirmation that the Zoning Board has the Jurisdiction to even hear this matter based on number 1 above –

We residents need the Borough of Belmar to maintain jurisdiction over property and lose control putting the residents into the hands of large corporations and the FCC, in other words Washington, D.C. Local Belmar government was created to make decisions over local matters and not relinquish control to other governing bodies, therefore the question is if the Borough has the jurisdiction to hear this matter and also relinquish control granting further rights to non-residents.

3. One property owner who will benefit to the detriment of hundreds of Belmar residents –

It is unfair that the owner of the property at 1715 Ocean Avenue, Belmar will further profit from the variance he already has obtained to allow Mamaluke’s to operate in a residential neighborhood. Hundreds of residents will lose property value. Please look at The Mayfair Hotel at 1000 Ocean Avenue to see what an eyesore it is. That is what will happen in this neighborhood. It will create The Mayfair Hotel South and bring South Belmar into a depressed area rather than continuing the upward trend that Ocean Avenue has gone in recent years.   

4. Potential health risks to adults and pets –

Cell phone towers emit low-level microwave radiation distances of at least 500 meters.    Verizon stated that its proposed installation will comply with FCC regulations on radiation levels, however no data affirming the safety of this newer technology was submitted.

Studies have shown that even at low levels of this radiation (one tower), there is evidence of damage to cell tissue and DNA, and it has been linked to brain tumors, cancer, suppressed immune function, depression, miscarriage, Alzheimer’s disease, and numerous other serious illnesses.

5. Potential health risks to children –

Our area has a large number of young families.  Children have thinner skulls, and the immaturity of their central nervous systems puts them more at risk. See, for example, Morgan, Kesari, and Davis, 2014, "Why children absorb more microwave radiation than adults: The consequences", published in the Journal of Microscopy and Ultrastructure.  

6. The devaluation of real estate –

In March 2014 the National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy’s survey “Neighborhood Cell Towers & Antennas—Do They Impact a Property’s Desirability?” found that an overwhelming majority of respondents (94%) reported that cell towers and antennas in a neighborhood or on a building would impact interest in a property and the price they would be willing to pay for it.

Belmar residents do not want decreased property values caused by an unnecessary cell phone tower, and we hope that the Borough wouldn't want the value of homes to fall substantially as such a decrease would be accompanied by a significant decline in property tax revenues.

The Mayfair Hotel (1000 Ocean Avenue), which is north of this proposed site (Ocean & 18th) already houses several towers and is an eyesore and blight on the beautiful oceanfront avenue.  This became a site after an attempt to locate on the pavilion across street failed.

If approval for a tower is granted, it is highly probable that other wireless companies will attempt to locate their antennas on the roof as space allows.  Also, electrical service will be needed and if it fails, they will use a fume emitting generators was done last summer at the existing site.

The Breakers in Spring Lake (according to Verizon) denying allowing an antennae at their location, knowing the negatives that are presented here.

7. Residents already have adequate cell phone and wireless data coverage in the area and so we don't need an additional phone tower –

There is not a real enough "need" to warrant putting the residents in this area at risk for health problems or a decrease in their property values.  This tower will only serve Verizon customers that are east, somewhat north and south of the tower.  Verizon representatives stated that the “benefit” of the tower would mostly benefit summer beachgoers