Save Rocket Park!

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Did you know...? Boroondara Council has plans to tear down the famous rocket at “Rocket Park”, Hawthorn, and replace it with something much less fun? It has been there for 50 years. Kids love it. It's simple. It's safe.

What is Rocket Park without its rocket? 

We call on Boroondara Council to preserve the existing rocket for future generations to enjoy.

The rocket can be retained whilst expanding the existing playground to make Central Gardens even more of a destination. It is clear after lockdown that the playground could be expanded, especially with our growing population.

We should work with the Council to incorporate the existing rocket into an improved playground.

That might include things like rope climbing equipment, boulders, nature based play...the possibilities are many.

Council "feedback" is now closed (after just 2 weeks) but please write to the Boroondara Councillors telling them what the rocket means to you and requesting a clear statement that the rocket will be kept in its current form:


Glenferrie Ward:

Write to your local representatives, and take action, if you care to save this historic icon for future generations. Facebook group: "Save Rocket Park".