UK graduate work visa to be available to 2020 international graduates and beyond!

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Dear UK government,

It is great to hear that you have introduced a new graduate work visa policy for international students which gives us 2 years to find work. I am glad but am confused as to how the UK home office is only offering it to students starting their university in 2020/21. What about students finishing their degree in 2020, and undergraduate students finishing in 2021 (but have started in 2017 or 2018)? All these students will have valid tier 4 visa when this policy will come into effect. However, it won't be until 3 years (for undergraduates) and another year for graduates to reap the benefits of such policy. Do you then recommend undergraduates and graduates joining this year to wait another year and apply for 2020/21 entry? I urge the relevant stakeholders to bring this policy in effect for students holding tier 4 when it is introduced. To my fellow international students: What do you reckon? Wouldn't it be more viable to take a year off and start uni?

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