UK Government: 'Help Us Help Them', Ukrainian Refugees

UK Government: 'Help Us Help Them', Ukrainian Refugees

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The events in the Ukraine over the past few weeks have sent shock waves throughout the world. Ordinary citizens like myself have been galvanised into taking action, but we are limited in scope as to what we can do. I am sure I speak for many who yearn to do more.

This petition seeks to gain support for an innovative scheme which will help citizens house Ukrainian refugees. We propose that the Government puts in place the infrastructure to make it easy for households in the UK to take in a Ukrainian family. Many people have a spare room and a budget which will feed a family, and would be happy to take in a mother and her children fleeing the bombs.  While they may not be able to provide everything, they can certainly provide the essentials. If the legislation and infrastructure is put in place, then those households could step in quickly to provide a home.

The Home Secretary’s proposed Sponsorship Scheme has a limited duration of 12 months, is only extended to those who can find a sponsor and/or have family in the UK, and does not guarantee a home. Our Surrogate Family proposal reaches out, without the need for a sponsor, to help those most vulnerable, those who have nowhere else to go.

The Surrogate Family scheme would start with ‘The Hub’, a digital and where appropriate, physical space where Ukrainians can connect with each other and with British families. The Hub will collect details of householders who can provide food and shelter, and who would be prepared to commit to the scheme long term. Ukrainian families will be paired with suitable hosts, who match in terms of needs and requirements and the hosts’ ability to provide them. Should the worst happen to the father, the host family must be able to show a long-term commitment, at least until the end of the war, if the mother/guardian wishes to return. The host family must be prepared to visualise a future in which the Ukrainian family stays with them.

The scheme would make use of crowdfunding to raise money for four key funds: safe transport to UK; medical costs; a baby fund; and an education fund. High-profile philanthropists and others, such as international footballers, will be approached to contribute.  Key to making the scheme work would be the utilisation of NGOs at the Ukrainian border to shepherd guardians and their children who have nowhere to go. After necessary checks at the Hub within the consulate, the families could be fast-tracked to Britain and the care of a family with whom they have been matched. The inclusion of Ukrainian and British Police officers in the Hub would help to protect refugee families from possible exploitation.

A final part of the scheme would be to bring over Ukrainian teachers, who would be able to teach the refugee children over Zoom in their own language, easing the strain on British schools and giving the children continuity in their education.

The beauty of this scheme is that it would not cost the UK Government a penny. It would be entirely covered by crowdfunding, by donations and by the host families themselves.

I urge you to get behind this scheme, in order to give the husbands, fathers and others who are fighting for democracy the comfort of knowing their loved ones are being cared for. This scheme will give them hope, and that is something that every human being needs.

If you feel able to offer a home to a Ukrainian family, please send a copy of the above to your local MP and sign this petition in conjunction with UK Government: 'Help Us Help Them', Ukrainian Refugees - Offer a Home. This way we can see not just the support for the scheme, but also gain an idea of the additional number of refugees to whom the UK Government could offer sanctuary if only they were to harness the benevolence of the UK public.

189 have signed. Let’s get to 200!