Start a judicial public inquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of the press

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Just a month ago the media hounded Caroline Flack, now they are covering her tragic suicide as 'heartbreaking'. 

This was not suicide, it was manslaughter by the media.

The toxic celebrity culture and assassination by the media is destroying lives, three young people have lost their lives to suicide and all linked in some way to Love Island. More recently Jesy Nelson from Little Mix revealed that she had tried to kill herself due to online bullying, yet ITV continue to hire Piers Morgan who has publicly bullied her. It is time to re-consider both our, the public’s response to such shows and resultant media frenzy. They fail to take any accountability when they impact people’s health.

How many more people need to kill themselves before something is done?

The high degree of media power needs to be accompanied by a high degree of media and democratic responsibility- blacklisting journalists that print and share misinformation would be a start or I suggest a judicial public inquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of the British press. We do not have a free, independent press in the UK and people that are capable of hacking dead girls phones should not have the power to influence society in any way. Have I mentioned Piers Morgan?

There is no doubt that the ownership of the mainstream media in the UK has a very concentrated ownership structure with just five billionaires owning 80% of the UK media. 

Lord Rothermere- Conservative
Rupert Murdoch- Conservative 
Richard Desmond- UKIP
David & Frederick Barclay- Conservative
Alexander & Evgeny Lebedev- Conservative

The UK media are out of control and must be held accountable.

We teach our children that bullying is not ok, so why are we allowing the UK media to get away with it?  

#BeKind #CCMentalHealth