The Government have taken away free travel for children and young people in Greenwich.

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As a result of Covid19, TFL have been badly hit. Most of the money they get to run services comes from the farebox - fares we pay - and with so few people travelling, the budget has been badly hit.

Our Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has had to ask the government to support our city. But unlike many other transport authorities in the country, TFL have been saddled with more debts. The deal isn’t the one our Mayor wanted and one that will mean people in Greenwich & across London will have to pay more.

The deal means that our children and young people in Greenwich will have their free travel taken away. This will be a disaster for many of our families who are really struggling, and will be moving forward in such awful conditions. 40 percent of Greenwich Children are already living in poverty. This will be one extra burden that families could do with out.

So we’re calling on the Prime Minister to immediately reinstate the funding our children, young people and families need to travel in our borough.