Support your student nurses - Write off student nurses debt and abolish future tuition fee

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I am a part of the September 2017 cohort of student nurses. We were the first cohort of student nurses to lose the maintenance bursary and pay the full £9250 a year tuition fees for the course.

Subsequently, we’ve worked every placement hour throughout our course (upwards of 2300 hours) for absolutely free, whilst actually paying our own way through the course.

These 40 hour weeks aren’t easy and alongside the heavy theory work we’re allocated can easily break you down without even considering the financial strain. I will leave university with nearly £60000 of debt. It’s not right or fair, and it’s about time someone heard us when we say we feel broken down and undervalued.

With the current coronavirus pandemic sweeping the country, we’re under more pressure than ever. The government have called us up to help on the frontline through extending our placements and have suddenly offered us band 4 pay if we help. Some may be relieved they are finally being appreciated, others may consider this to be nothing more than danger money as they never cared nor listened to our pleas about paying us before.

It’s insulting and demoralising - it’s time for change. I call on the government to write off the student debt of all the student nurses who have undertaken the course since September 2017. Moving forward I ask the government to abolish tuition fees for those wishing to undertake the course in the future. I don’t know how it works for other healthcare based courses, (paramedics/physiotherapists etc.), however if their circumstances are similar to ours then I call on our government to make the same changes.

It’s not right to have to pay to work under any circumstances and we all work so very hard, sometimes in the toughest of conditions. We need to build up our NHS and stop breaking it down. At a time when the country needed it, the NHS has stepped up and we’ve all felt it’s strength and perseverance in the face of this war.

Now I’m asking you to stand up and give something back to the NHS. Please sign this petition to help build its strength and encourage every future nurse to enrol into what is currently seen as a brutal degree. The truth is, most of us will still do this degree and other will still enrol no matter what the outcome to this petition because there are good, selfless people in the world. Taking advantage of this however and making us work ourselves into the ground for nothing out of the goodness of our hearts, doesn’t make it fair or right. Please sign � 

Lots of love � The Student Nurse Mummy