Student Nurse’s to be reimbursed the bursary Boris Johnson is promising to reinstate

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Student Nurses who started their degree from September 2017 onwards did not receive the NHS Bursary.

I am one of those nurses in my final year of Mental Health Nursing and have experienced the struggles of not having a bursary. 

The struggles of having to work on top of a 37.5 hour a week unpaid placement, completing assignments and revising for exams is overwhelming, stressful and damaging to our health. 

I will be in debt of £27,750 for the tuition fees alone, not including interest on top of that and the thousands of pounds for maintenance loans, again with interest. 

Therefore, this petition is for the students who committed themselves to a Nursing course from September 2017 onwards and have to repay  Tuition fees and loans; we ask to be reimbursed what Boris Johnson has proposed for the new Nursing starters for September 2020. 

Boris has pledged for new Student Nursing starters to receive a minimum of £5000 a year Bursary and and extra £3000 for specialist areas which currently have staffing shortages such as Mental Health Nursing. 

The 3 intakes of Nursing from 2017 must be reimbursed.

During my course, I have had doubts, I have wanted to quit this course, because of the financial hardships and over working that has affected my health many a time, both physically and mentally. This is the case for many of my peers. We deserve to be reimbursed.

Some people may say “you’ve signed up to this” “you signed up knowing you wouldn’t get a bursary” - yes, those people are correct however,  I want to be a Mental Health Nurse...  I didn’t expect to be exhausted week in week out for 3 years as a Student. 

For all the exhaustion, stress and tears, WE DESERVE TO HAVE OUR MONEY BACK. 

Please support this petition and if you know a student nurse, please ask them first hand what  their life as a Student Nurse is like. 

Hi all, it’s come to my attention that this petition below is fighting for the same as mine & has an amazing amount of votes which can get to Parliament quicker. Sign this one too. I’ll keep mine active to prove how much people care about this cause, but this is amazing! Sign sign sign!

Thank you. 

Laura Mann - Final Year Mental Health Nursing Student