Stop Yulin Festival!

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Stop the cruel 'festival' where as many as 15,000 dogs and cats are tortured, killed and cooked to be sold at Yulin Lychee and Dog Meat Festival every year, often blow torched to death whilst still alive.

There are so many truly awful images and footage from this event and the preparation for it - though they are too disturbing and graphic to show. The intention of this petition is not to traumatise others but to be as effective and proactive as possible in order to encourage people to share and sign the petition. The animals are crammed together: terrified, killed alive in front of each other and often tortured for fun. The festival seems to have been designed in order to watch and celebrate inflicting horrific pain and torment onto the animals. It's coming up again in June. Let's raise as much awareness as possible with our government in the hope they may bring pressure to bear on the Chinese Government to ban this cruelty. Surely with the current outbreak and spread of the coronavirus - which some believe began in a Wuhan market that sold live wild animals (presumably for consumption) - there is now also a global health argument which could be used for banning this event.

See NYTimes articles:

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The charity No Dogs Left Behind are on the ground bravely fighting for this cause ( )

Let's do what we can for all these innocent beings.