Stop the legislation that will make some restaurants put ‘calorie labels’ on menus

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Hi, my name is Ellen and I am recovering from an eating disorder. It’s been a difficult journey, but I’ve managed and I’d say I am in a much better place now.

However, the thought of seeing calories next to each food item in a restaurant makes me worry. A lot of this generation’s children now care immensely about personal appearance, especially weight, and I wonder what this message brings to them. I wonder what message it brings to those battling an ED already, or to those who have recovered or are in recovery.

I think that the UK government needs to recognise that this will have a negative impact, and stop this before it happens. It has the potential to not only cause an ED to happen, but to trigger a relapse or make an existing ED worse. We should not sit idly by as this begins to happen. Imagine the stigma that could come into play with this too? People begin to be mocked or belittled for eating food with higher calories? Why can’t we let people eat in peace, as we do not know what they are going through.

So, I’m asking that this idea be scrapped ASAP. Around 1.6 million people in the UK suffer with an eating disorder, with the average onset age being 16-17. Please don’t risk making that number higher.