Remove Tony Blair's 'knighthood'

Remove Tony Blair's 'knighthood'

34,992 have signed. Let’s get to 35,000!

Why this petition matters

Tony Blair is known for the war he started, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people, based on a lie that was quite the opposite of the intelligence collected at the time.

He's also known for the large scale sell off of British assets and institutions, the NHS, GP Surgeries, Schools, Police Stations, ambulance stations, fire stations etc.

He worked hard to decriminalise crime, under the guise of 'human rights' and oversaw the laws that would see children lose their self respect and turn feral, whilst removing a solid education from them.

Again using lies he campaigned to try to allow the EU to rule Britain, this man seems to hate the British public and the British way of life.

How can a man like this get a knighthood, when the old lady who works in the local cake shop doesn't? She works tirelessly and hasn't started any wars or any of the above (but she does make nice cakes).

People would describe Blair in many different ways, very few would have a good word to say, and yet he gets a knighthood?

This destroys the good name that many genuine knighted people around the world have. It's bad enough when some celebrity nobody gets one just for being on the telly, but a man who has done so much damage to get one is hurtful to those who have suffered at his hand.

We ask that the British government step in and remove this 'knighthood', putting what is probably the most hated man in Britain back in his box for good.

34,992 have signed. Let’s get to 35,000!