Reinstate The Death Penalty

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The Death Penalty should be reinstated in the United Kingdom for the most serious criminals (Murderers, Rapists and Terrorists) because these criminals simply can't be rehabilitated and thats what the aim of prisons are for, to rehabilitate criminals, but we must accept that some can't be rehabilitated and that if they're released, chances are, they will reoffend.

A real punishment for these vile criminals, is to make them serve time knowing that they'll only get out of prison dead, by execution for the crime they committed.

Half of the time, these criminals are released, like a rapist, and there victim has to live with what they went through for the rest of there life whilst the rapist will most likely reoffend again without any guilt and this will only make the victim feel like justice hasn't been served. 

If the Death Penalty is reinstated, this may deter people from committing crimes such as Rape/Murder because they'll know what will happen if they're caught and this may scare people to the point of not committing such evil crimes. 

Executing people for the horrific crimes they've committed, will also unclog our Prisons, and they can be used for people who are actually able to be rehabilitated and become rehabilitated citizens of our communities.