Redeploy airline workers to help the National Health Services

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Dear Prime Minister

As we all may know the travel industry is facing its greatest crisis yet and looks set to get worse before it can get better! With borders closing, travel restrictions getting worse and the possibility of airports closing. Tens of thousands of people look set to be made to take unpaid leave or made redundant; if they have not been made to do so already!

Ontop of this, Health systems worldwide are braced for an onslaught of sick people infected with coronavirus and additional resources are needed to cope. so why not use the resources currently sitting in idle in an industry that is currently struggling to keep them employed?

"Airlines already employ a small army of crisis-trained professionals in the form of cabin crew. Globally the numbers run into the millions. In the UK, the sector directly employs more than 90,000 people. Cabin crew members, because of the physical nature of their jobs, tend to be relatively young and healthy. They’re also used to working in tough conditions and all through the night.

Most importantly they’re already trained to a very high first-aid standard and used to following emergency protocols. Indeed, if any sector knows how to manage, reassure and prioritise among large, unruly crowds it is cabin crew." (KAMINSKA, 2020)

Prime Minister, please strongly consider redeploying Cabin Crew. Use their skills and capabilities to help support the NHS until this crisis begins to calm down and the aviation industry recovers! 

KAMINSKA, I., 2020. Let’S Redeploy Airline Workers To Help National Health Services. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 17 March 2020].