Rebuild the NHS!

Rebuild the NHS!

9 October 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Omar Salem

I’m the baby's dad who took on Boris Johnson over the NHS when he came to Whipps Cross Hospital for a publicity stunt. I started this petition because I discovered as a result of my daughter's experience at Whipps Cross that there is a huge crisis with buildings and equipment in the NHS. 

You can read more about this issue in my Guardian article here.

Whipps Cross is just one example of how our NHS is literally falling apart: hospitals are crumbling, equipment is broken and repairs are not being made. Spending on buildings and equipment is insufficient to meet the NHS’s needs – this means hospitals will struggle to continue to provide even the current level of service.

I started this petition to do something about the buildings and equipment crisis in the NHS! I would be grateful if you could sign the petition. 

Thank you

Omar Salem

Our NHS is falling apart. Hospitals are crumbling, equipment is broken and repairs are not being done.

Current levels of spending on buildings and equipment are not sufficient to meet the NHS’s needs. The NHS cannot even continue to provide the same service, because equipment is not being replaced and buildings are not being fixed.

Over the past decade, as part of austerity, money that was meant to be spent on NHS equipment and buildings was diverted by the government to be used for day-to-day running costs.

There is a £6.5 billion maintenance backlog, £3.4 billion of which presents a high or significant risk to patients and staff

However, the government has promised less than 10% of the extra money that the NHS needs for new buildings and equipment.

We want the government to provide the funding needed to remove the maintenance backlog and make sure that proper funding is in place for buildings and equipment. 

Experts say that the NHS budget for new buildings and equipment needs to be increased by £6-7 billlion.

We want the government to pledge to provide this funding. This should be new money that is not taken from reducing other current or future NHS budgets.    

Patients deserve decent hospitals and working equipment. NHS staff deserve to work in good conditions and have the equipment they need to do the best job they can.

We need to rebuild our NHS!

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Signatures: 2,447Next Goal: 2,500
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