Open our ice rinks

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Our Athletes need Ice!
Ice skating is a large community throughout the UK. Our skaters are passionate, committed and dedicated to their Sport. Often sacrificing so much in their lives, to be the very best that they can be! From grassroots to Olympic level! 

Our skaters throughout Great Britain will compete Nationally, Internationally and at Championship level to represent their country! This is not a hobby they are playing at, they are competing to be the best and look ahead to their ultimate goal...Olympics!

Please support us in changing how the government looks at our Sport. They do not see us as being serious. We need to be seen as an Olympic sport, because that's what we are!  We are not in the 'leisure' spectrum. We are fighting for this, for all our skaters, coaches and parents! They deserve the chance to get back to what they love and miss!

Ice rinks are not in a refrigerated environment as many people believe so there isn’t a cause for any virus spread. All social distancing procedures and hand cleaning stations are in place to be Covid safe and all rinks would be running with limited skaters on the ice at any one time.  

Please please open our ice rinks.