No more unelected peers: Scrap and replace the House of Lords now!

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The unelected House of Lords – with around 800 members – is about to get even bigger. MPs who were defeated or resigned in 2019, as well as big party donors and allies, look set to be handed votes on our laws for life.

Let’s be clear what this means. The Government has given these people the power to decide on our laws for life – even though they've lost the confidence of their electorate. And they get to claim £323 a day tax free for the privilege (after a 3% expenses hike this month).

For too long the House of Lords has been used as an absurd insurance policy for ex-politicians. Lose your seat? Don’t worry, here’s another one. It’s a lifetime pass to vote on our laws, and you get a fancy title to go with it.

I work for the Electoral Reform Society. Our research showed that more than a third of peers (37%) are former politicians, political staff or activists. This is no chamber of experts – it’s a retirement home for political cronies.

Enough is enough.

If you vote on our laws, you should be chosen by those affected by those laws and be held accountable for the laws you helped create. We are calling for a halt to new appointments in the Lords and for it to be replaced with a fairly-elected chamber that reflects the UK. We need to replace this archaic boys club that we have now.

Thanks to public pressure the Government are apparently looking at options for Lords reform. But the temptation to keep piling in political pals may prove too great. We have to keep up the pressure. 

So, please sign this petition to scrap the House of Lords. This private members’ club has got to go!