No calories listed on menu's in the UK

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The UK government are planning to launch a new scheme to help tackle obesity, with one of the main components being to present calorie information upon restaurants, fast food places, and takeaways. 

Where this may seem to be positive for those trying to loose weight, it can be a huge trigger to people suffering from eating disorders, especially anorexia nervosa. As someone herself with the illness, alongside 1.25 million others with an eating disorder, this new plan has caused extreme anxiety into our lives. 

A common feature of anorexia is to calorie count. Fixating upon, and becoming obsessed, with calories leads sufferers down a dark path. The obsession leads to an extreme deficit of calories, which causes weight loss, and if left untreated, death from becoming severely ill through heart or organ failure. 

Recovery is already hard enough, trying to go out for a meal to get back to some kind of normality is extremely stressful and anxiety provoking. To see calories on the menu when trying to conquer this fear will be too much, and make recovery near impossible. 

Please, before this is introduced, help the government realise the devastating impact it can have on a person with an eating disorder.