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Save our young people

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In London we are blighted by the affects of knife crime and violent gang culture . In our borough Camden , we have seen so much . Murder, serious injuries and heartbroken families . Serious cuts to vital support services have hugely impacted on our community .

I am a youth referral coordinator for #Camden Against Violence . I try to support young people into education/ training or employment thus reducing the amount of NEETS and reducing young people’s vulnerability. We see the impact that the needless  fatalities have on our young people . More and more young people stay at home . Parents are afraid to let their children out . Parents are afraid to go out This is not right at all . We should feel safe in our community. 

After consulting with our young people we ask why they carry knives , many say out of fear . Unfortunately the young make choices based on emotion without considering the long term consequences. Young people are our future , but they have become marginalised. Young people are marginalised in education and if they are deemed to difficult put into pupil referral units , rather than getting to the root cause . These causes are generally Anxiety, dyslexia, ADHD , stresses at home our in their community, economic stressors within the family . Online trolling and bullying . Poor mental health of a family member , addiction etc 

Our community in Camden is suffering greatly through cuts to education, cuts to mentoring support schemes , cuts to CAMHS services . Cuts to youth services as a whole . It relies on organisations such as ourselves to pick up where the police and council cannot . Due to cuts to budgets .  This is not right as a member of the G20 . 

We at #Camden Against Violence are asking for an holistic , public health approach to tackling violent youth crimes . We are asking for reinvestment in vital services , a COBRA meeting as this is murder on a large scale and better representation of our youth . More police on our streets is a must , and for those who are convicted of offences of a violent nature rehabilitation in prisons to thwart the cycle of reoffending . Thus saving the government millions of pounds . Which could be invested back into youth services . 

I ask on behalf of the parents of those who have been murdered or seriously injured and those parents who are to afraid to let their children go out. Please  help us support and rebuild our community through better investment , better engagement with grass roots projects such ourselves . Sit with us , listen to the needs of our community . In light of 3 fatalities and 1 serious injury in a matter of 4 days .. I’d say it’s time for change .  There are 7 active open murder cases in Camden . 

The government have the power to bring about change . The residents of Camden are calling upon you to help us save our youth and protect our community from further devastation.  It can be done if the government and those in power choose to listen . It will not be a fast process , however any start to this process will be very welcome .