Please create a legal exclusionary zone outside of abortion clinics

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Last November over a million people watched a video of a woman confronting protesters outside an abortion clinic.  I was shocked that it is legal for people to protest and have recording equipment so close to the entrance of these clinics. Abortion is not illegal in the UK and nor should it be. Women should be able to visit these clinics without fear, harassment or intimidation. It can be hard to go through those doors, let alone if you have to get past protestors.  It is up to the pregnant woman to decide what she does about her pregnancy. Those decisions need to be made in private and not with a group of protesters filming and/or hounding her.  An exclusion zone stopping protesting just outside these clinics would protect women accessing their rights and would stop this demonstrations escalating even further.  Please sign this petition calling on all the parties to commit to changing the law to set exclusion zones to stop protesting outside abortion clinics.  Thank you