End the disgusting conditions of battery farmed hens

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Farmed chickens endure many hardships at battery farms. Upon arriving, they are packed Into tiny cages.scratch mats for ‘enrichment’ are caked in faeces.many die in the harsh conditions. They must endure parts of their beaks cut of so that they cannot harm the other chickens.

Things do not improve for them inside the farms. Many chickens suffer from serious illnesses and feather loss. The small sheds contain more than 50,000 chickens at a time. The chickens are selectively breed to grow rapidly and this can put a massive strain on their skeleton, causing them to not be able to walk properly. Many chickens suffer a great deal of pain because of this.Chickens who cannot walk cannot get to food and water.

help make all chicken organic and free range. Free range chickens can live up to six years. Caged ones live six weeks. This is only just over 2% of their natural life time. can you honestly eat something knowing the disgusting conditions it is kept in?