Any Trade Deals post-Brexit, should not include lowering of standards or our NHS!

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Dear Prime Minister,

Once we leave the European Union, we the undersigned ask that any trade deals and agreements we have with any other nations, does not mean we have to in turn lower our standards, and therefore appear to become subservient to anyone just in order to get a trade deal.

We have already heard from our friends in the United States of America that we would have to lower our standards (such as on food) in order for us to have a trade deal with them.

Whilst we are leaving the EU, we shouldn’t automatically ‘throw out’ all their standards and regulations as we do not want our United Kingdom to become a “dumping ground” for any nations’, not just the USA, products that fail to meet the proper standards elsewhere, as the people of the UK should not have to worry whether any products they buy, no matter what they are, are safe.

There is also a concern that this won’t help, and will even hinder, the recovery of the manufacturing and production hubs of the UK, as we will be trading (no pun intended) cheaper labour and products from Europe, for those from further overseas such as the US, when we should in fact be focusing on supporting our native businesses and workers, and helping our own farmers and such.

Furthermore our National Health Service is arguably our greatest achievement and greatest asset. Therefore it should NOT be anywhere near the negotiating table in any trade talks. Our NHS is , and always should and will be, free at the point of use and independent. Whilst we are happy to share research, treatments and medications, in no way should that leave a door open for any kind of outsourcing privatisation for our National Health Service, nor any of our public services.

Mr Prime Minister, we know you want the UK to be a leader at the forefront of the world and all we ask is that we start that from a good standing, without any sort of de-regulation or scrimping on standards and quality and instead become the front runner in the world, not only in welfare and quality standards, but also being carbon-neutral, sustainable and supporting ‘home-grown’ business as well  in deals that Parliament can ratify and the people can fully support.