Make Black History Month compulsory to the educational curriculum in the UK

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Students are the most impressionable during their school years and often form their opinions then, to avoid any ignorance and bigotry that some children may begin to develop towards the black community whether that's from racist friends or family. It is important to learn about Black History and unteach this ignorance as some children may not choose to educate themselves and just listen to the people around them and be influenced causing people to hold racist views and pass them down many generations meaning the cycle of racism and systematic oppression will never end.

By understanding the struggles and also their victories of black people over the years students will gain a wider knowledge and understand more how wrong it is to be racist as often racism stems from a lack of knowledge and understanding. If Black history month was mandatory and people were educated on issues like racism and systematic oppression people may begin to realise their own privilege and also realise the struggles that people in the black community have faced for many years and still do now. Black history month also allows the celebration of incredible Black Men and Women that have done great things, when the education system covers black history it only briefly covers slavery however there's so much more to black history than this.

British history is taught by placing British historical figures as heroes and doesn't acknowledge the fact their success was from brutality, when you compare this to Black history that just covers slavery. This subconsciously instills to young impressionable minds that black people are nothing more than slaves and they have no successes in comparison to white historical figures. By teaching black history month it will oppose this view and correct the white supremacist views that are subconsciously being taught. Students need to be educated on Black history properly to teach the future generations that racism isn't right and there's so much more to black history than just slavery, therefore raising a more educated generation that can advocate and use their privilege to slowly break the cycle of systematic racism and oppression.