'Karl's Law' a duty of care. A simple phone call can save a life.

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Five year ago to the day, 17th December 2014, my husband arrived home with a police sergeant, having had a sleepless night, when our kind, caring,loving, 22 yr old son Karl did not come home from a Christmas evening out with his work colleagues. All he said was "it's Karl", he didn't have to say any more, our other two sons are still haunted to this day by my scream's, as I collapsed to the floor. As he made his way home Karl was befriended & targeted by two violent, aggressive drug addicts, one of whom begged him for money. They eventually lured him into a dark, dirty, rubbish strewn back lane from which he did not come out of, miles from home. Having been robbed of his phone & money he was left to die, alone, on a cold, wet winters night. The home-office pathologist suggested if they had phoned for help this fateful night (all be it anonymously) he believed Karl would still be alive today. One of these two had 52 previous convictions, the other had been convicted of theft & dishonesty offences, and it is my belief that they had targeted Karl in his vulnerable condition to get what they could to fund there habit. Karl had just qualified as an electrical & mechanical engineer In the September having served a four year apprenticeship at a local paper mill, and had gone out with his work colleagues having just finished a series of night shifts for a social night out a week before Christmas. All were aged, bar one, between 55 yrs & 65 yrs of age, it was not a young mans drunken, rowdy night out and the 'real ale' pubs they attended reflected the early evening they had. Karl was in a relationship with his girlfriend for 8 yrs having met at school. He played the guitar, was keen on fishing, surfing skateboarding, snowboarding,loved life & nature, & among other things he still collected money for a local milkman which he had done for 9 yrs, and often helped some of his elderly customers with tasks, or take them fish he had caught. He was a gentle, kind, caring young man. WE have been fighting the authorities for justice for Karl, as the only thing they have managed to prove because of a lack of evidence for these two was theft and handling, for which they were convicted to 2 yrs & 10 months imprisonment respectively, of which they only served half their sentence. It is inhumane & immoral, not to get help for someone clearly in need of medical assistance in this day & age, therefore it should be in law that we have a duty of care for fellow citizens in circumstances such as this. My husband has written to various 'secretary of state for justice' (who can change within months of holding the position), who say it would capture those that would not normally be classed as a criminal. However, decent, normal law abiding citizens would do something about it. The police and criminal justice system would have the discretion whether or not to charge someone who may be frightened to get involved, and/or for whatever reason they did not. It would target those criminals who chose to commit a crime upon someone for their own greed, and walk away leaving them to die, rather than getting them help.The UK is one of few countries who do not have such a law, and although those that do may not use this type of law very often at least it is available for the circumstances my family, that of Karl's girlfriends family, & his friends find ourselves. At present it is only a moral duty, and unfortunately these two involved do not have any morals, therefore nothing could be done. Please, please, please sign this petition for justice for Karl, so we can get a change in law 'for a duty of care' to help other future victims and families, if nothing else can be proven.