Justice for Jagtar Singh Johal (Jaggi) Detained for almost 1000 days without charge

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Jagtar Singh Johal (Jaggi), a British citizen, was arrested by the Punjab Police in November 2017. He has attended 128 preliminary hearings and has been detained for almost 1000 days without any formal charges. 

The UN has raised grave concerns about the potential inhumane and degrading treatment that Jaggi has been subject to. In a handwritten account, Jaggi states that in the days following his arrest he was beaten, had electric shocks administered to him by the police and was forced to sign documents without being able to read them. Despite experts from the UN urging India to investigate these allegations of torture, this has not been done, nor has Jaggi been provided with an independent medical examination. 

Jaggi’s family have not heard from him since September 2019. Their concerns about his health are exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, since there is a family history of respiratory weakness. 

Theresa May stated in 2019 that ministers are ‘actively involved in this case’, but little progress seems to have been made. This case continues to be seriously under-reported in the mainstream media, meaning that many are unaware of the injustice that Jaggi faces. 

The UK government must intervene by taking decisive and immediate action to ensure justice for Jaggi. There is a significant onus on the government to ensure their citizens are not subjected to torture whilst being detained and that their basic human rights are upheld. It is vital that the government advocate for transparent and open legal proceedings that align with the rule of law.