Issue a full apology to EU citizens who made the UK their home

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It started with calling me and my fellow EU citizens in the UK 'citizens of nowhere' and 'queue jumpers'.

Now the Prime Minister is saying EU citizens have been able to "treat the UK as if it's part of their own country” for too long and have overstayed their welcome.

Just a few weeks ago, Mr Johnson praised our contribution and called us his "friends, family and neighbours", but the tone has changed again. 

Words matter and it has to stop now. The UK is our home and it does not matter where I was born. Try explaining to my British daughter I am overstaying my welcome here?

As the CEO of the3million, the EU citizens group, I demand an apology on behalf of the nearly 5 million EU citizens and their families from around the world who simply want to get on with their lives and stop being ostracised and treated like second class citizens.

Since 2016, the3million has stood up for the rights of all EU / EEA citizens and their families living in the UK and we are campaigning every day to avoid another Windrush after Brexit.

We were responsible for Theresa May scrapping the £65 fee for Settled Status and we hold the Government to account so no EU citizen and their family member are left behind after Brexit.