Impose sanctions against US for excessive force used in Black Lives Matter protests

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We demand that Boris Johnson and members of the EU Council, publicly condemn and impose sanctions against the US for the excessive force used against protesters and press participating in the Black Lives Matter protests across the US.

The rubber bullets, gas canisters and riot shields used against protestors in the US are supplied by the UK. In accordance with British law, such trade is to be suspended when used for internal repression. This misuse is evident in the US currently.

In a press release reacting to the militarised response to protests across multiple US cities following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Rachel Ward, National Director of Research at Amnesty International USA, has stated;

“In city after city, we are witnessing actions that could be considered unnecessary or excessive force.

“Equipping officers in a manner more appropriate for a battlefield may put them in the mindset that confrontation and conflict are inevitable.

“US police across the country are failing their obligations under international law to respect and facilitate the right to peaceful protest, exacerbating a tense situation and endangering the lives of protesters.

Rachel Ward added: 

“Racism and white supremacy are fuelling these killings and the police response to the protests.

“President Trump must end his violent and discriminatory rhetoric and policies, and the US government - at all levels - must ensure the right to protest as guaranteed by international law.”

The US Police and National Guard are using heavy-duty riot gear and military-grade weapons to intimidate and subdue largely peaceful demonstrations. These protesters are practising their right to peaceful assembly, and the tactics employed by the police are intended to escalate violence to justify their use of excessive force.

Urgent action is needed to stop police killings of black people and others. Please sign the petition and hold our governments to account! 

Please see full press release from Amnesty International here

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