Help the British Aviation Industry - we must act now to protect everyone.

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Hello Everyone,

I am writing this plea for you all to support my petition to our Government. I want you to all understand how the British Aviation Industry is so important to everyone around the world but most importantly to the British people. As the Coronavirus outbreak is a global pandemic, the aviation industry was at the leading edge of the accompanying financial crisis. Since the extraordinary intercontinental travel ban imposed by many countries around the world, the disastrous potential extent of the crisis for the British Aviation Industry has become clear.

The aviation industry has been rocked by Coronavirus, with flight cancellations and the grounding of flights which is severely impacting on airports. Without the Government’s help, the aviation industry could plunge into an unprecedented crisis, with thousands of jobs under threat. It needs government funding now, to be able to manage through what will effectively be a period of dormancy during the next difficult time.

The British Aviation Industry is not only represented by UK airlines but everyone that works side by side with the industry. We have hotels, ground agents, security, Government Border Force, airports and the list goes on. The UK aviation industry generates approximately £10bn of GDP and employs roughly 200,000 people.

Unite, the UK and Ireland’s largest union, which represents tens of thousands of workers throughout the entire aviation industry, is calling on the government to listen to UK airlines and provide immediate support for the whole sector, in order to help it survive the Coronavirus pandemic. Please see the link below,

Unite alongside sister aviation unions across Europe has devised a four point plan, which it believes the Government must adopt to ensure the whole industry survives. The four points are:

The government to make contributions to cover workers’ pay to ensure that the UK's aviation infrastructure remains intact, and the consideration of taking a commensurate financial stake in airlines and airports to help ensure their survival
The extension of loans to airlines and airports and other aviation companies to enable them to ease the pressure of the immediate pay back of loans and to assist in the retention of staff and the preservation of routes
A delay in the payment of taxes and duties that airlines are obliged to pay including a temporary suspension or reduction in Air Passenger Duty (APD)
Government to support routes through subsidies under public service obligation rules, which are tied to long-term environmental commitments as part of an integrated sustainable transport network.
The US government said on Saturday that it would “immediately” begin working on ways to help the Coronavirus-hit aviation and cruise industries as they scramble to stem losses and protect jobs. The US Chamber of Commerce on Friday called on the Government to “turn next to a package to assist impacted employers ... No business should go bankrupt because of a temporary loss in revenue as a result of the Coronavirus.”

Finally, I know our UK Government is doing everything to help but we need more help and reassurance like other Governments around the world who have started stepping up & helping. I am asking everyone to sign up to my petition and to save the British Aviation Industry.