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Government Action to rescue Hair & Beauty Salons UK

1. Rescue the industry COVID 19 

2. Regulate our industry - Hair & Beauty 

3. We need representation in government.

COVID-19 - our urgent issues 

It is clear from media coverage and Government response that we are facing the biggest challenge we have faced since WW2.

Hair & beauty commercial salon owners are not only facing the already challenging impact of the failing high streets but we now face what could potentially be a financial catastrophic phase resulting in what could be over 40,000 retailers facing extreme hardship and potential closure.

Salons are not just currently providing services to prop up the high street but we are also considered the hub of our communities so play a massive part in maintaining high street presence.

If the UK government do have rescue plans for airlines and transport providers like rail and public transport (which are mainly privately owned) then consider the following:

Salon Service Industry Contribution to GDP

Industry             # businesses  #employees     GDP Cont £Billion 
Hair/Beauty              41,000         287,000                 £7 Billion

Airlines                                          84,302                £12.6 Billion

Rail                                               212,000               £9.3 Billion


The total hair and beauty sector  590,000    £28.4 Billion

So this is a HUGE contribution to GDP and our countries infrastructure not to mention international trade

Source of Beauty Data

UK STATS for airline source data

UK STATS stats for hair & beauty industry

So the Hair & beauty industry are not just servicing the public in close contact but we have a significant contribution to GDP and employ more people UK residents that airlines or rail.

This is what we need NOW !


Business Interruption GOV does not work for most small businesses as they have no assets to charge and maybe already have long term debt.

A rescue plan package of £2bn to allow banks to release funding immediately.


A lot of salons have business interruption insurance BUT insurers are not covering COVID-19 – due to not being on the notifiable list when insurance taken out.  Most BI requires damage to property, insurers will not indemnify even in the event of a public authority forcing closure !

So force insurers to honour agreements or classify COVID as a matter of civil unrest or state that any business that had BI insurance before this outbreak are covered under “ damage to property” similar to any natural disaster like an earthquake !

LANDLORDS - commercial contracts

Many businesses who have retail properties on the high street have rent payable and cannot even cover basics. Please legislate that contracts are NON enforceable and no property owner can take measures to enforce any breach of non payment during this outbreak.

HMRC time to pay 

A lot of uk salons may already have HMRC debt - how are they supposed to service this? - Please give them time to breathe, recover!  Time to pay with what? so please provide a support fund or suspend all HMRC debt for 6 months to give businesses time to -  RESPOND - ACT - RECOVER 


SSP is usually claimed back via RTI against HMRC taxes/NIC payable ! Without any other directive - Salon owners NEED emergency funding so that they can access this immediately!  Most salons will have their payroll in 2 weeks and some have no reserves to meet this - this will impact potentially 217,000 employed people ! 

DWP are indemnifying self employed ( which is fair) but business owners cannot meet this payment which will have an adverse affect on every person in the industry from day 1. But if salons have no income and no infrastructure to support your government pledge ( see budget 2020) WE need an emergency fund to pay this... or a re-claim structure that is paid within a set period and not offset - all the government has done is shifted the ssp burden to small business owners.THIS IS IMPERITIVE FOR  BUSINESSES TO CONTINUE TRADING! 

All businesses rely on the public for their business income ! Which is critical to pay employees and other critical operation costs

Our businesses are facing closure so 287,000 people are facing serious hardship and the knock on effect of this is  extreme debt/bankruptcy,

 Cancellations, rescheduled appointments, and loss of child care during this novel coronavirus outbreak {COVID-19}  are cause of grave concern to all salon owners that run hair and beauty salons as incomes plummet. Fear, anger and dread are being felt by all salon owners so please to help save the hair & beauty industry from collapse bear in mind! 

287,000 unemployed from one sector  putting more pressure on the DWP and NHS from the stress and mental health issues this will cause.

70,000 self employed with no possible future potential of employment or security.

And £7 Billion lost to the GDP

REGULATION - Our industry must be regulated HAIR & BEAUTY

All commercial salons employ or have self employed qualified to NVQ 1-3 teams. It is a well known fact that there are many non qualified individuals working in our communities. UNQUALIFIED - and in most cases with no industry experience.

State registration through local authority  for all hair stylists 

State registration through local authority for all beauty therapists 

Medically qualified ONLY allowed to perform any aesthetics treatment 

Any treatment or chemical service to be undertaken in commercially licensed premises only. 


What we are recommending for government 

To have representatives for our sector in government 

The Hair and Beauty Sector is a significant employer, contributing a large number of businesses to the national economy. To ensure the future health of the sector, it is important that services continue to be provided to the highest possible standard and that consumers are afforded adequate protection.
We recommend that the Government introduces mandatory licencing of hair dressers, barbers and the beauty sector throughout the UK.

The Government’s Industrial Strategy and the subsequent Creative Industries Sector Deal, recognised the creative industries as an ‘undoubted strength of our economy’. The Hair and Beauty Sector shares many attributes, such as high levels of entrepreneurialism and global standing, with other sectors represented in the deal such as fashion.
To effectively build on the UK’s creative strengths, the Hair and Beauty Sector should be rightly recognised as a creative industry by the UK Government and as a Foundational economy sector in Wales and given the associated support it needs to continue to thrive.

The Hair and Beauty Sector offers exciting and fulfilling careers, with extensive opportunities and career prospects for skilled practitioners. The potential benefits and rewards of a career in the sector should be better understood by careers advisers, teachers and those formulating policy. 
We call upon the Government to improve careers advice to accurately represent the realities and excellent professional opportunities available. We also call on Ministers and policymakers to reflect this in the comments they make about careers

Although this research highlights the direct contribution of the Hair and Beauty Sector in terms of GVA and employment, there remains a lack of data on the broader contribution the sector makes to the high street
We therefore recommend that the Governments should commission detailed primary research into the value of the Hair and Beauty Sector.  This should gather primary data from businesses on the direct, indirect and induced impact of the sector in terms of business expenditure, GVA and employment.

There is a lack of data available at UK level that fully examines the profile of the Hair and Beauty Sector and does not capture small businesses that are not PAYE or VAT registered. The report was therefore based on the most robust secondary data available as well as primary research undertaken with the sector in Wales.  
To gain a more comprehensive understanding of the sector, particularly small businesses and sole traders, we recommend that the Government commissions’ UK-wide primary research with hair and beauty employers.
Official GVA statistics are published for broad industry categories and do not provide the level of granularity required for regular analysis of the Hair and Beauty Sector’s contribution to the economy.  
We recommend that the Government asks the Office for National Statistics (ONS) to routinely publish more detailed GVA statistics for the Hair and Beauty Sector.

Extract British Hairdressing Council - available on request

We also need a "level playing field" in our industry with fairness and equality for all. With a fair tax for all including VAT PAYE/NIC Pension& oncosts for ALL.


Please hear our voice

Stay safe & well

Collette Osborne

Hairven Salon Group