GOV - Reopen Hair Salons in London

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Why hair salons' opportunity for recovery is cut by Government policy.

The lock-down in the UK started on the 23rd of March 2020 and Salon owners and stylists have experienced many weeks of being unable to work.

May 11th saw the Government announce that Hair and Beauty Salons will be able to open no earlier than 4 July, in the third step of relaxing restrictions according to current planning assumptions.

The impact and severity of this restriction will be disastrous on the industry. It is critical that this proposed guideline must be relaxed earlier and that implementing and operating best practice is adopted by all salons that wish to open. This could ideally take place in step two of the Government’s timetable, along with the opening of non-essential retail, currently planned for the beginning of June.

European countries are already easing the restrictions and allowing Hair Salons to reopen under strict hygiene and social distancing measures. UK salons should adopt these strict requirements and then would be able to serve their clients without compromising efforts to combat the spread and exposure of Covid -19.

We would like to propose that Salons are able to operate their businesses again across the UK, from June 1st, 2020. Each salon would be required to follow best practice safety measures to ensure the well-being of their team and clients, including:

1  All services by appointment only

2  Clients to have their temperature checked on arrival

3  Clients to use hand-sanitiser before entering the salon

4  Clients and stylists to wear face masks

5  Social distancing - maintaining a minimum of 2m between work stations

6  No direct communication permitted, discussion via mirror and kept to a minimum

7  Ventilation should be used to maximise the flow of fresh air

8  Scissors and tools disinfected between client appointmnts and regular cleaning

9  Salon staff members should use disposable gloves and towels

10  Salons should have safety screens where face to face interaction takes place

Serving clients under these strict, sensible guidelines poses little or no risk of spreading the virus.

Salons will be expected to operate only with these measures in place and any infringements should be reported.

There is concern that should the Government persist in preventing hair stylists from working, they may be forced to make house visits which poses an unnecessary health risk to both parties. Many hairdressers are either self-employed or working on a salary plus commission, the current situation places them all at great financial risk

The impact in delaying the reopening of Salons will result in many closures throughout the UK, negatively effecting the tax revenue for the Government and sadly increasing levels of unemployment.

We urge the UK Government to reconsider their strategy for the reopening of Hair Salons and allow the common sense approach of re-opening along with non-essential retail. The salons would then operate with strict hygiene and social distancing measures in place as set out above, until instructed by Government.

We, along with our loyal team of stylists, are keen to contribute positively to the Covid 19 recovery, we just need the foresight and clarity from the Government in wish to act.

Shai Greenberg

CEO & Co-Founder, Gielly Green, London.