Don’t Close Your Eyes To The Blind & Others, Who Are “Extremely Vulnerable” Too!

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Dear the British Government & The Supermarkets (particularly Sainsbury's),

We wish to thank you for recognising that there are some individuals who are "extremely vulnerable" during the covid-19 crises. However, the list of those individuals is currently limited to a very small group of seriously ill people.

We understand that the covid-19 situation is evolving by the hour. However, we the undersigned would ask that you please now recognise that there are other individuals who have become "extremely vulnerable", because of this terrible crisis.

Blind people cannot drive! Therefore, some cannot get to the big supermarkets on their own. Blind people cannot walk around a supermarket on their own and get the items they need! Yet they cannot get supermarket slots as they either don’t exist or are reserved for the “extremely vulnerable.”

The blind and lots of other groups of people have relied on online grocery shopping to survive! Now however, there are NO HOME DELIVERY SLOTS AT ANY SUPERMARKET! If you go on at midnight every night for the next made available date, the slots are all gone, even the flexi-slots! You are then directed to "click-and-collect" and it isn't even at your nearest store, so driving a car is your only way to pick it up. Waitrose announced last week that they were taking no more home delivery bookings, so where are all their slots going? Then there is Sainsbury's, who are turning disabled people away, as they have reserved their slots solely for the “extremely vulnerable.”

This isn't just about the blind though.

There are others who cannot get to a supermarket or shop for themselves because:

• They live alone or have no one able enough to ask.
• They are disabled or ill.
• They are over 70 and have a higher chance of dying from covid-19,
• They are under 70 with underlying health conditions.
• They are single parents in rural areas with no transport.
• Then there are People with mental illnesses.

There are an emerging number of people that are being forgotten. By the time covid-19 is done, there will be many deaths, not just from the awful disease itself, but also from those who have starved to death, killed themselves or died from other health conditions!

We realise not everyone can be classed as “extremely vulnerable”. All we ask is that some people are looked at again and maybe local GP’s can issue “extremely vulnerable” certificates to those they know most need to be recognised.

Kind Regards!

Glen & Rowan Graham