COVID-19: temporarily allow parents to remove children from school without repercussions

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With this frightening coronavirus (Covid-19) we are now seeing community transmission yet the government do not want to close schools like they have done in other countries. Regardless of your stance on school closures, I think we can all agree that parents should be allowed to make the *choice* to keep their child at home during a global pandemic without fear of fines or legal prosecution. I urge the government to temporarily allow parents to educate their children at home during this outbreak without the children losing their placement at school or parents being prosecuted.

A lot of parents are discussing whether to deregister their children from school altogether (myself included) should the government not change its policy on this subject. We don’t want to be left with only this option in order to protect our children and the vulnerable adults in our families.

If you have to, leave schools open for those that feel happy sending their children but please give the rest of us the choice.