Close all holiday & caravan parks in Wales to stop covid-19 spreading

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The government have suggested that we should cease all non-essential travel in the UK, we should all stay home and self isolate if we become symptomatic (or have been in contact with a known or suspected case) . This is to try and limit movement: to slow down the spread of covid-19. 

But on the first DAY after schools were closed, already in rural Wales we have seen a massive influx or tourists coming to “self isolate” 

This is not a xenophobic reaction, it is practical and in everyone’s best interests. Wales has an incredibly low number of critical care beds per person. We have far fewer hospitals to deal with known/suspected cases.  We have fewer emergency response vehicles and furthers distances to travel to and from hospital.  And generally less facilities.

Wales struggles in the holidays to deal with the influx of “healthy visitors” let alone now during the current crisis. Other tourist locations in England and Scotland have also had an influx of tourists! They will also struggle to produce the extra resources needed. 

By closing the holiday and caravan parks, we will have fewer people to help, meaning people get better care. The Welsh nhs will be able to better manage and control the spread of the virus in Wales. 

Our amazing landscapes and scenery will always be here to be seen and enjoyed, but this can wait until the current pandemic is over.

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