Change the UK’s trespass laws from a civil to a criminal matter

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Currently in the U.K. if a person chooses to trespass on your land, provided they don’t damage your property, the police are unable to intervene. 

The only course of action you can take is retrospectively pursuing this as a civil matter.

At the time of incident you must be the land owner or agent of the land, and must jump through ridiculous hoops whilst gathering evidence of the offence.

Unfortunately the main parties committing these deliberate offences are well aware of the current laws and will often be able to skirt around any form of prosecution by invading private land wearing masks and balaclavas. This causes land owners and farmers untold stress and hardship.

Not to mention that farming has such high numbers of mental health issues and high suicide rates this is a problem that needs addressing. 

We seem to live in a time where the main stream media seems to be encouraging radical groups to invade farms and damage the livelihood of owners, and we have masked gangs tearing across fields and deliberately distressing horse riders, and children walking dogs all whilst the police are powerless to intervene because it is a civil matter. (See any one of many recent documentary’s paid for by your television license broadcast on the BBC or on channel 4 more recently for reference)

We need to have a reform of the laws regarding trespass, and with your help we can get this seen. 

let the police get involved and protect farmers and rural businesses. 

Many Thanks.