Cancel House Rent and Council Tax and Mortgage during COVID​.​19

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Due to Coronaviruse everyone in UK are in so much tension and there is uncertainty about the health conditions. There are already 1590 people living in UK are infected from Coronaviruse and 71 out of these infected people already lost their lives and God knows how many more will die in coming weeks. If the increase rate of catching coronaviruse will continue like this then in any time everything will shut down and people of UK will be isolated in their houses and how long this will continue no one knows. Remain in house without work and money will be disaster because hundreds and thousands of people works at takeaways, Restaurants, Gas Stations, Grocery stores, also working as private Couriers, private hire cabs and so on and most of them living in rented houses or they are paying mortgages. But if they will not able to work they will not able to earn and not able to pay their Rent, Mortgage and Council taxes, that is why we want Mr Boris Johnson to Cancel our Rents, Mortgages and Council taxes for at least three months because the time this coronaviruse enter in UK the prices of everything is getting higher day by day for very essential things like Hand Sanitizers, Hand wash, Kitchen Rolls, Toilet Rolls, Wipes, bleech and other daily use items.

Normally there prices was start from 0.99pence to £.1.99 but now, first these things are not available in stores as well as online, and if by chance you will find somewhere then there prices are sky high, specially for poor people like me now these thinks are out of my buying power.

But we have to buy these essentials and after spending so much money on shopping our living budgets are disturb and now from where I will pay my Rent and Council tax specially when I don't have any work or some time have very little. Mr Boris Johnson please help us and cancel the house rent and Council taxes for at least three month so we will be able to cop up our expenses. Thank you